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Wedding Pamphlet Handout: Rituals in a Nutshell

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Wedding pamphlet handouts give your guests a sense of the rituals happening and what they mean. When creating your own, take inspo from the following pamphlet made for Bluth's wedding. This is a chance to sprinkle meaning and understanding into the arc of your experience and orient your guests around the rituals that matter to you most.

Whether your guests are Jewish or not, this will help everyone know what the intentions are behind your special ceremony. Draw inspo from this and feel free to make it you own! This was printed double sided on card stock and handed out to guests upon arrival. If you want an editable version of this, email Bluth at and request it!

Wedding Pamphlet Handout designed by Rabbi Bluth and Kohenet Naomi Izen

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