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About Bluth

Rabbi Rachel "Bluth" Rosenbluth is an artist, entrepreneur, traveller and educator interested in elevating beauty, design and meaning in Jewish Rituals.

As an artist, soferet and Rabbi, she founded Bluth's Creative Studio, specializing in Jewish ritual art and Ketubahs; ceremony design; and re-imagining Jewish education. She designs and leads Jewish rituals, lifecycle moments, retreats and gatherings around the globe. She consults with innovative Jewish organizations, and was the Creative Director, Rabbi and curriculum designer for The School of Living Jewishly, a curated digital learning space. She has worked with At The Well, Ayin Press, The Jewish Learning Collaborative, Moishe House, and has completed Fellowships with or received from KAICIID Inter-religious International Dialogue Centre, IPCRI, Moishe House, Religions for Peace and Jim Joseph Foundation.  

Ordained in 2019 from Beit Midrash Har-El, Jerusalem's first Orthodox rabbinical program to ordain women, Bluth was then elected to a standing commission of Religions for Peace, a multi religious global network, working with the UN. Bluth traveled globally, collaborating with various spiritual communities. She taught Design Thinking at GIBS business school in Bangalore, and completed her TTC Yoga certificate with Sivananda Vedanta Ashram in South India.  

Bluth was the founder and Program Director for Achvat Amim Ruchani, in Jerusalem, program doing Israeli-Palestinian peace and justice work from a Jewish lens. She remains on the advisory committee of the program. As well, Bluth completed the IPCRI program 'Women Entrepreneurs Leading Change', promoting female empowerment and economic access as a basis for Israeli Palestinian peace-building. She founded TLV Seaside Shabbes, an ecstatic minyan on the shores of Tel Aviv which was featured in Beit Tfutsot / Anu Museum, the New Museum of the Jewish people in Tel Aviv. She also taught a weekly Jewish Meditation shiyur at Studio Naim in Jaffa. Over the past few years, she has studied at Mechon Hadar, Yakar, Yeshivat Simchat Shlomo, Pardes, and Matan Women’s Institute for Torah Studies.

Bluth facilitates Jewish experiences globally, including years of high holiday services with Beth Tzedec in Toronto, where she produced the Soul Brew morning show; annual Jewish meditation and nature retreats. 


Bluth grew up in Toronto and graduated from McGill University with a double major in International Development Studies and Buddhist Philosophy. Bluth worked as the Director of Education for Shoresh Jewish Environmental Programs in Toronto, and had valuable experiences doing environmental field research in East Africa, and volunteering on sustainable farms in Israel and in Kenya. 


Bluth loves to listen to people's stories, she designs rituals that weave ancient ritual with modern meanings, and is a wanderer in story and spirit. 

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