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Gemara with Pressed Flowers
Matzah Collage Prayer
Botanical Pressed Flower Ketubah
Ketubah Morocco
Birch Ketubah
Pomegrate Ketubah
Pressed Flowers Ketubah
Desert Ketubah
Black Lives Matter Tzedek Tzedek Tirdot
Green Leaf Ketubah
Lulav Etrog Sukkot
Beachy Ketubah
Mosaic Ketubah
Hebrew Calligraphy
Spain Psalms Art
Matzah Collage
Floral Ketubah
Scribing Ketubah
Art Collab
Ketubah with Flowers
Black Lives Matter
Allah Prayer
water colour by bluth
Ketubah Blooms
Mystic Art with Gold Leaf
Hava Nagilla Art
A work in progress art piece for an art~
Framing things  #handmadeart #crystals #
Let There Be Light with Gold Leaf
Silver Scribal Necklace
“We’re ready!” #pressedflowers #ketubah
Blooming Ketubah with Pressed flowers
Scribin station~_What are your ritual th
Round Scribed Ketubah
Workplace blessing
Kindness on Birch
The Heart sutra says Form is Emptiness,
Mother's Day Card Template
Modeh Ani
Thank You Card
Wedding gift, farm edition
Hallelujah, Wedding Gift
Midburn Art
Upcycled Mezuzah
"rest beneath the tree"
Kislev, Dreamer Month
Speak to the Earth and it will guide you.jpg__There is none other than the Divine
Meditation Stone
Erez, Custom
Shmonah Esrei
Wall Art
Wake Up
Tao Te Ching
On Prayer
Shtender, Wedding Gift
Craft beer
Seder Blessings
Sukkot Art
Stamps, Logo
Asher Yatzar, Blessing
Purim Graphic
Creative Midrash
Shtender, Gift
Wall Art
Tehilim Art
Supermoon, Card
Seder Blessings
Shmonah Esreh
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