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Jewish Wedding Guide – a detailed, spiritual, and helpful guide to planning your wedding!

This guide to Jewish wedding rituals was created to help you design your wedding in a way that is meaningful to you, with full understanding of the "why" behind the rituals! From the chupah and Ketubah to the circling and 7 blessings, the wedding is made up of little moments weaving together to create a transformative experience that celebrates your love.

The Jewish Wedding Guide offers a rich and diverse array of traditions, each contributing to the tapestry of the Jewish wedding ceremony. This is a work of love made by Rabbi Bluth, Dr. Elliott Malamet, Ganga Devi Braun, & Jessie Duke in collaboration with the School of Living Jewishly. This guide was created for for all types of couples. The more you learn about the wedding, the more you can create a ceremony that truly fits your needs, values, and vibes! Enjoy!

Jewish Wedding Guide
Download PDF • 23.46MB

If you would like to delve deeper in preparation for your wedding; if you are a couple that wants to work 1-on-1 with Bluth; or if you are an officiant that wants to train with Bluth, be in touch with her to discuss packages @


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