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Tu B'Shvat Guide

Updated: Jan 19

They say we are the people of the book, but really, we are people of the Garden. Our tradition begins in the Garden of Eden, our Torah is called a Tree of Life - and throughout our entire tradition, nature is inseparable like the roots of a tree. From the mystical metaphors of lush garden imagery to trees at every turn in the stories of the Torah, to our holidays being rooted in agricultural cycles with plant based rituals and offerings, to the incense burnt during temple times and more. Tu B'shvat is our celebration of trees. It's the time in our calendar to deepen our connection with plants, and to remember ourselves as people of land and to find the rhythm in the cycles of seasons. Through the Seder ceremony, we set our tables with varieties of nuts, abundance of fruits and wine. It's a chance to enjoy, to bless, and to ultimately heal our relationship with the land & with how we nourish ourselves, and take part in the more-than-human-world which is the context of our existence! This guide is packed, and was truly a work of love - with the history of the Seder, the mystical rituals for the holiday, and teachings to share in the plant-based bounty of Judaism. It goes through the mystical 4 stages of a Tu b'shvat seder, with teachings for you to bring meaning, creativity, and wisdom to your holiday! Enjoy!

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Tu Bshvat Guide 2024 Bluth
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This manual was created originally with the wonderful Kohenet Naomi Izen! This guide has evolved throughout the years and collected new depths and teachings. Feel free to share it, so more folks can learn the ecological wisdom of Judaism, and enjoy this holiday!


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