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A blessing for ones home. To bring blessing and protection to the Sanctuary of ones home. 

This minimal piece with a water colour olive branch and Bluth's scribal calligraphy. Quote written with Bluth's scribal typeface with an English adaptation underneath. 

"V'asu Li Mikdash V'Shachanti Btocham" -Exodu​s 25:8
"Make for me a Sanctuary and I will dwell among them" 
The Divine blessing that the Sacred dweels amogst those who create a Home or a Sanctuary together. 

5x7 inches. 
Printed on Gicee archival museum quality cold pressed paper. 

Frame not included, but can be added as an add on below. 
Frame is 8x10, made with light wood, tempered glass, and a matte white border (featured in the first photo above) 

House Blessing (5x7)