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Simple and scribed.

Keep it as is, without art, and let the letters breathe with the white space. Or let it be a canvas for your artist of choice to decorate!

This Ketubah has hand scribed Hebrew/Aramaic lettering, digitized. Scribed and designed by Bluth. Your personal details (names, location and date of the wedding, space for signing) will be seamlessly scribed into the final product.

Now available as a rectangle text, or circle text, Hebrew/Aramaic stand alone or with English! 

Choose the text of your choice: Traditional, Lieberman clause egalitarian, interfaith, queer, custom texts, etc. 
If you need translation or other typing customization (eg. custom text type from PDF), there will be an additional fee: 
Translation 175 CDN
Custom Typing 80 CDN 
You will be billed separately for that. 

Order now or be in touch for a free consult with Bluth to discuss text or design options. After purchasing your Ketubah, you will be sent a form to fill out with all of your personalized details!

All Ketubahs are shipped unframed and signed. 

Mazel Tov!

Simple n Scribed: Just Text Ketubah

  • All text are printed in High Quality, Fine Art, Archival, cold press fibrous paper, Giclee printing. 

  • After purchasing your Ketubah, you will be sent a google form to fill out all of your personalized details!

    If you prefer to pay by Etransfar (Canadians only) or Paypal, please email Bluth for a link!