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This stunning stainglass Moroccan window lines the back of this piece, with Bluth's custom scribed typface with the Shabbat song, Shalom Aleichem. This piece acts as a blessing for peace for the home. The song draws from Shabbat liturgy, sings of the angels and welcomes the peaceful energy of Shabbat to one's home. 

This photo was shot in Morocco, at a beautiful Riad in Marakesh known for it's artistry. Bringing the Shalom Aleichem words to the Moroccan backdrop is a nod to the rich Jewish tradition of Marrakesh. 

The words come from the mystics in Tzfat and can be sung with many different beautiful melodies.

Bluth's scribal typeface captures the mystical essence of each hebrew letter in a Soferet, Hebrew Calligraphy style. 

Printing on highest qulaity giclee, museum quality archival cold press paper. 

Recommended 15x20, be in touch for other sizes. 

Shalom Aleichem Moroccan Door (15x20)