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One of a Kind Ketubah with picked and pressed flowers.

Each Ketubah is unique, and depends on the blossoms that are in season! Your input is welcome for layout and color palette. Each flower is hand picked, pressed, and laid down with incredible care and presicion. These delicate flowers bring natural beauty to your Ketubah. The florals provide a beautiful contrast to the black ink of the lettering. Both organic forms of art, evoking different feelings and complimenting each other – natural, organic, stunning.

Note: Flowers are treated with UV protectant seal to preserve color, but please note that since they are plant matter, some fading will occur overtime. Recommended to frame with UV protectant glass.

This Ketubah can be designed with a heading, such as "Ani L'Dodi V'Dodi Li", a love filled line from Psalms, meaning I am for my beloved, and my beloved is for me. You also have the option to select your own heading or opt for solely the Ketubah text.

Your personal details (names, location and date of the wedding, space for signing) will be seamlessly scribed into the final product.

Choose the text of your choice: Traditional, Lieberman clause egalitarian, interfaith, queer, custom texts, etc. Choose design with or without the matte border.

This piece is available in 18x24 inches, but if you would like a custom size, please message us to discuss options.

Order now or be in touch for a free consult with Bluth to discuss text or design options.
After purchasing your Ketubah, you will be sent a form to fill out with all of your personalized details!

All Ketubahs are shipped unframed and flat – no unrolling or flattening of the Ketubah necessary.

The process of creating this Ketubah requires a lot of intention and creative work. Therefore it is best to order early, as it takes approximately 3-4 months from creation and personalization of the Ketubah until it arrives at your door. If you need it in less time than this, please feel free to reach out so we can discuss the possibility of a rush order (available with an additional fee).

Mazel Tov!

Pressed Flowers Signature Ketubah

  • After purchasing your Ketubah, you will be sent a google form to fill out all of your personalized details!

    If you prefer to pay by Etransfar (Canadians only) or Paypal, please email Bluth for a link!