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This Ketubah is the newest edition to the collection, and it is it pretty magical!

Weaving an archival Italian Ketubah from the 17th C courtesy of The Jewish Museum, with modern Pomegranate photography, this Ketubah evokes the old and the new. Italian deisgn, with a soft earthy, almost golden colouring is combined with Bluth's hand scribed custom type face bringing old mysitcal letters and traditional texts to life in a new way, overlaid with Pomegranates - the earthy and sensual symbol of abundance and fertility. 

Choose any text (orthodox, conservative lieberman clause, interfaith, queer, custom) to santify your union! 

This Ketubah is printed at 16x20 (for variations, please contact Bluth directly), on high quality Museum grade archival paper, Giclee print, and is signed. 

No Frame included. 

Once you place your order, you will receive a google form to fill out all of your details to customize your Ketubah text! 

Italian Pomegranate Mixed Media Ketubah