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Give a baby naming gift to a newborn! Weaving ancient lettering, the baby's name, photography, and blessing! 


This piece has the baby's name hand scribed with quill and ink on kosher klaf (hide) by Bluth, and it is laid on-top of a museum quality giclee print of Redwoods.

Customization with a different photo is available upon request.


The Birkat Cohanim blessing for peace and protection, traditionally recited upon the heads of kids on Shabbat, is written with Bluth's custom typeface.


*Blessing can be adjusted for girl/boy/non-gendered


This piece is an 11x7 Giclee print on archival cold pressed paper, with klaf (hide) piece on top, signed.
All artwork comes unframed.


Mazel Tov!

Baby Naming Gift: Hebrew Name on Redwoods