Ketubahs cost $1000 USD, which includes high quality parchment or paper, sofer grade calligraphy ink, other materials (quills, sealants, glue) as well as the labour of love in designing the Ketubah, hand-scribing the text, picking and pressing and protecting the flowers, and creating your one of a kind work.
Framing and shipping not included. 


Botanical Ketubahs are made from earth based materials, thus they made change slightly over time. 
All flowers are sprayed with a colour protectant anti-UV seal, and it is recommended that you frame them with a anti UV frame to maintain the quality over time. 


How do you order your Ketubah? 

1) Contact me with your name, wedding date, location.
2) Choose a text with your Mesader Kedushin / Wedding Officiant.
If you need recommendations for standard ketubah texts (eg. Nachalat Shiva) or alternative Brit ahuvim texts, please ask.
With your Rabbi/Officiant, fill out with proper format (name, place of marriage, date etc) and send it to me. 
3) Payment by paypal, venmo, bank transfer (Canada, Israel or US) 
4) Indicate if you have a specific design request (colours, layout, etc). 
5) Coordinate Ketubah pick up / delivery / shipping. 

6) Receive your hand crafted Ketubah! 
7) Get married, and Have your witnesses sign your Ketubah!
8) Frame  your Ketubah, hang it above your bed and have sweet dreams as newlyweds!