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Beauty is that "which delights the mind/soul that recognizes it, and moves it to love"
-Judah Abarbanel, Medieval Hebrew Poet.

Just Launched!  A new and stunning line of contemporary Ketubahs. 
Customized Prints with Hand-Scribed and Digitized Hebrew Calligraphy and Photography. Your custom details will be scribed and integrated seamlessly in the final print. 

A Ketubah is an age-old Jewish marriage document, which affirms your love, commitment and partnership. Ketubahs range in text and style across the ages, and throughout all the lands that have had Jewish presence. 

Bluth is a Soferet, a female-scribe of Hebrew Calligraphy, with over 10 years of experience, and trained by Rabbi Dov Laimon in Jerusalem. She scribes
 with a quill, creating kosher lettering. The Ketubah text is laid atop of sourced and edited photography by global artists, and the hand scribed lettering is digitized and customized with your details.. Designed to bring a sense of contemporary style, mystical union, tradition, aesthetic and beauty to your home, for your sacred partnership! 

Text Options: The Ketubah text is a traditional Aramaic Ketubah text, including the "Lieberman Clause" to render it  egalitarian. Interfaith and Queer texts are available. An alternative English customized text, typed, may be available available per the couples request. 

Printing: Printed either 15x20 or 18x24, Giclee print, on high-end, cold pressed high fibrous paper with the highest fine art quality for maximum longevity.  

Note: Click photos below to expand and see full Ketubah. The versions here are lower quality that how they are printed, and minor edits adjustments are made for each one - colour correction, straightening the text, filling in custom details, etc.


Ketubahs cost 676 USD plus shipping. Printing is included. Price adjusted for customizations. 

To order, or inquire, contact Bluth



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