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Gather: Sukkot Retreat, Arizona

Gather is a camping trip in Arizona, to experience Sukkot in community, with workshops, farm to table food, and connecting with the land. In partnership with Moishe House. 

Ashram Channukah: Kerala, India

Channukah at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in Kerala, India

Design Thinking Course - Bangalore

GIBS Business School in Bangalore hosts Bluth to teach a course on Design Thinking

Religions For Peace Phillipines Conference

Bluth presented a speech at the RFP conference in the Philippines about her role as a religious peace builder. 

Herbalism Retreat - Pardes Chana

Bluth hosts an Herbalism retreat in Pardes Chana, taught by the wonderful Orli Laufer

Weekly Meditation & Crafting Class at Studio Naim - Tel Aviv

Mindfulness meditation sit, that weaves Jewish wisdom of the Calendar with centering practice. Followed by creative expression through crafting. 

High Holidays at Beth Tzedec - Toronto

Alternative services for the High Holidays at Toronto's Beth Tzedec Congregation. Services include text study, meditation, and reflective exercises to tap into the essence of the high holidays.

Dead Sea Retreat

Day long retreat at Metzukei Deragot and the hot springs. Getting ready to welcome the month of Shevat, exploring themes of renewal and awakening through hitbodedut, discussion, meditation and yoga. @AchvatAmimRuchani

Channukah Shiyur

Class in Nachlaot on the patterns of the moon, light and darkness, and chassidic teachings on Channukah. @AchvatAmimRuchani

Rooftop Tisha Be'Av

Yafo Rooftop reading of Eicha, meditation and art based discussion of Tisha Be'av themes 

TLV Seaside Shabbes

Gut Purim! Shiyur: Purim and Gan Eden

Limmud in Jerusalem, that went through the rituals of Purim, as they build practice relating to a Tikkun of Gan Eden. Drawing from Biblical, rabbinics and chassidic texts. Gut Purim!! 

This Is Not An Ulpan: Hebrew Calligraphy Workshop

Joined This Is Not an Ulpan to teach hebrew scribal art and mysticism to a group of internationals in Tel Aviv learning Hebrew through art! 

Yafo Rooftop Kabbalat Shabbat Davening

Dozens gathered on a Rooftop in Yafo as the sunset to welcome in Shabbat with song, praise, and prayer. 

Shabbat Retreat: הזמן השביעי

Shabbat Retreat in the Hills of Kadita! A day of Workshops including mysticism & movement, vegan cooking, meditative nature hike, sacred song circle, and meditation. Followed by a deep Shabbat experience, with movement, meditation, limud, sacred singing and taanug (delight)! Click here for more information. 

Officiated Reb and Alex's Wedding!

What an honour to officiate the wedding of Reb and Alex, at Beth Tzedec. Such a beautiful Chuppa! 

 Toronto, Summer 2017. Mazal Tov! 

Tour of City Tree - Urban Ecological Living TLV

A tour of the ecological commune, City Tree, in the heart of Tel Aviv. Got inspired for living more consciously and with care for the earth - from organic food, to homemade cosmetics and cleaning supplies, to planting a balcony garden... Click here for more info on City Tree

Evening of Soulful Expression

Hosted Anne Seham in a beautiful evening of creative expression, healing, and dream work

Netzer Olam Gap Yeari: Introduction Shiyur to Sacred Learning

Mashiach Seudah at Rainbow Gathering

Avodat Halev

20 people gathered at the Homestead for a morning practice of niggunim, to start our days with gratitude and song. 

Scribal Arts Class

Hebrew calligraphy class. 

Teaching the techniques and mystical meanings of Sofrut and the Aleph Bet with Moishe House.

Erev Niggunim Yerushalayim

Join 50 folks for evening of singing, jamming, and story telling!

Rosh Chodesh Women's Gathering, Jerusalem 2016

A group of beautiful women gathered at The Homestead, Jerusalem for an evening of sharing, Torah, henna, crafting smudge sticks, and song to welcome in the new month of Shvat.

TLV Seaside Shabbes 2013-2015

150 gathered on the beach of Tel Aviv to welcome Shabbat with song, dance and meditation! This Carlebach minyan happens about once a month, come join us! Kabbalat Shabbat led by Bluth!

High Holiday Reflective Services at Beth Tzedec 2014, 2015, 2016

Alternative high holiday services at Beth Tzedec Congregation in Toronto, led by Bluth. Through sharing Torah, meditation, and other activities, we connected to the deep essence of the chaggim. 

BK Rooftop Farbrengen 2015

120 people gathered on a rooftop in Crown Heights as we jammed, shared Torah and sang. This event brought together chossidim, activists, yeshiva bochers, yeshiva bocherettes, religious, secular, and more! Gevald! 

UMAN UMAN! Women's Kabbalat Shabbat 2015

B'zchut Rabbeinu!
Kabbalat Shabbat led by Bluth.

What is Chassidus? Gap Year Shiyur 2015

Bluth started off a tour of chassidut in Jerusalem by sharing about the history, philosophy, and culture of chassidut, and delved into the world of neo-chassidut. 

JLM Farbrengen with Reb Yankeleh 2015

An evening with Reb Yankeleh Shemesh, who played in Reb Shlomo Carlebach's band. 

Full of songs, Torah, and stories from Reb Shlomo!

Tu B'shvat Seder in the Jerusalem Forest 2015

Chevreh gathered under the moon and around a bonfire in the Jerusalem forest. 

Bluth and Paz led a Tu B'shvat seder through mystical musical meditation, Torah learning and song. 

TLV Rooftop Megillah Reading! 2015

70 people gathered on a rooftop in Tel Aviv! Amazing men and women stepped up to learn and read and hear the megillah, and then party ad d'lo yada! 

Solelim Jewish Meditation Canoe Trip 2008-2014

A Jewish meditation canoe trip with a group of 14 and 15 year olds from Camp Solelim explored mindfulness meditation and Jewish themes of gratitude, spirituality, and the sacred. We camped out on the overnight site, cooked our meals and sang and meditated late into the nights.

TLV Rooftop Seder 2014

We co-led a seder for 50 people on Marissa and Roee's rooftop in Tel Aviv! 
This seder lasted until 5:00 am and was full of deep wisdom, big smiles, endless song and even a guest appearence by Eliyahu! 

Kabbalat Shabbat at Zorba Music Festival, 2014

Kabbalat Shabbat and Kiddush under the stars in a circle at the Zorba Festival. 

Avodat Lev at City Tree, 2014

Morning chanting, niggunin and other prayers from shacharit to start the day off with intention and gratitude.

Shoresh Jewish Environmental Programs, 2012-2014

Bluth was Director of Education for Shoresh, running farm and garden Jewish eco educational programs, including Shoresh Food Conference, Jewish Eco programing at Kavanah Garden, holiday retreats at Bela Farm, nature walks and DIY workshops throughout Toronto!

Klezmer Channukah Jam at the Orchard, 2013

Channukah, Chenna and Chousewarming Party in Toronto! 
With klezmer music by Rock the Shtetl

Open Air Shabbat: Shoresh and Annex Shul, 2013

Shoresh and Annex shul davened Kabbalat Shabbat in the park, led by Bluth and concluding with a vegan potluck! 

Camp Solelim Shabbat, 2007-2010

As Head of Shabbat at Camp Solelim, Bluth led Kabalat Shabbat, song-filled Oneg Shabbat, and Saturday afternoon discussion programs with campers at Camp Solelim!

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